*price subject to change without notice

 Caramel Apples 



Each order is made fresh!! We do not mass produce or pre-manufacture candy apples in advance. This guarantees that you will receive the freshest candy apple possible. They are well worth the wait!!

All of our apples are hand-picked to insure the best quality product. we inspect each apple for pits, bruises, ripeness, firmness and, of course, size. Each apple we use is from an excellent source and is guaranteed fresh.
The cost of each apple is $3.50*, with a minimum purchase of 2 apples of any flavor you so desire.

  An excellent fun novelty food for birthdays, holidays, sports, weddings, anniversaries, and social parties, and our apples make wonderful gifts & terrific pick-me-up presents. Have a friend who just had surgery, or landed that big promotion? Send them a WILD treat. Our apples can even be great fund-raiser items!!!